Spring Raffle

Spana's raffle is now closed until the Autumn

Check back soon to be in with a chance of winning our jackpot cash prize, and all while making a huge difference to working animals! Below is an example of what your raffle money can achieve:

Your raffle ticket makes a difference to working animals around the world.

Bilal, a 14 year-old working horse in North Africa, was injured in a traffic accident.

The SPANA team at the Nouakchott Centre in Mauritania cleaned his injuries, provided antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and advice for Bilal’s owner, Souleymane. After the initial treatment SPANA called to check on Bilal’s wellbeing, and then when the horse was well enough Souleymane was instructed to bring him in every week for a month for further check-ups.

12 tickets (£12) could buy the bandages, cotton wool and painkillers our vets need to treat an animal suffering from a painful wound.

24 tickets (£24) would help deliver education packs, teaching children to care for and respect animals.

48 tickets (£48) could vaccinate 16 donkeys working on Mali's rubbish dumps against tetanus: a potentially fatal disease.


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