Pet Memorial Wall

This wall is dedicated to the memory of much-loved animals who gave so much joy to their owners during their lifetime and whose memory has been honoured with a donation to SPANA to provide hope for the future of working animals overseas.

Dog paw printMr Snax, who passed to Rainbow Bridge on the 1st July 2016, greatly missed by his owner, Clare Hunter, surviving brother, Dippydoodah and his feline companion, Mungo.

Toby, the faithful horse that belonged to Jaqueline Barber Toby, Jaqueline

Prince, the Welsh CobPrince, a loving and lovable Welsh Cob who gave 15 years of fun and friendship to Amanda Rogers. He is very much missed.

"Prince and I had lots of adventures together, such as the time that we misjudged the daylight on an evening ride and were still some miles from home, high up in the downs, when it got dark. My companion's Dutch Warmblood became very skittish, and both her rider and myself were concerned. But Prince led the ride and just kept putting one foot in front of the other until we were back on the lane and trotting smartly towards the yard. Just one of the occasions on which Prince saved the day."

Marshall,  the horse who lived a very happy life with Stephanie SmolenskyHoof print

Marcello, Marjory Morton's favourite cat who died aged 16/17 years oldCat paw print

Pusscat the pet catPusscat, the little cat who spent her last 8 years very loved by Jessie Hill

Dog paw printBella, the Golden Retriever, passed away aged 8 on 13th December 2013. Beloved pet of Mary and Alan Stuart.

Churston Sascha
Churston Sascha, the dearly loved Lilac Point Birman cat, passed away aged 13 on 16th January 2014 and is still missed by Margaret Hubbard. Sascha was a talkative little cat who enjoyed sunning himself in the catmint shrub in the garden - his favourite spot.

Chia, one of Joy Lamberts rabbits
Charleston, Amelie, Little Eric and Chia, passed away aged 5½, 5, 10½ and 7½. Beloved pets of Joy Lambert who took part in many Bunny Cuddling Day fundraisers and raised lots of money for SPANA during their lifetimes.

Arnie the pet dogArnie the scruffy mongrel who passed away aged 20 in 2013. A twice abandoned stray who became the dearly loved pet of Dodge. This picture is of Arnie looking forward to the next adventure in the wilds of Scotland back in 2009.

Cat paw printSammy (Sambob) the cat, beloved pet of Joshua and Adam.

Cat paw printCharlie the cat, who passed away aged 16 in May 2014. Darling pet of Mrs D. Evans.

Dog paw print

Trudy, the border collie/Alsatian cross. Beloved pet of Susan Leonard.

Hoof printSasha the very special horse who belonged to Barbara and Dennis Freeman.
"Sasha was supposed to be a gelding but he wasn’t, he was a rig, so half of his brain thought he was a stallion. I owned him for the last 18 years of his life, he was quite a character, forward going, brilliant jumper. He was 33 years old and had lost all of his teeth, yet refused to ‘slop’,  he was a very gentle and kind schoolmaster."

Cat paw printSara the much loved little cat, who after being rescued, spent 13 happy years with Kathleen Cann


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