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Across the world, over 100 million donkeys, horses and mules do the jobs of trucks, tractors and taxis, supporting the livelihoods of some of the poorest communities in the developing world.

Donkey on Bamako rubbish dump
Alongside working camels, oxen and other animals, this undervalued workforce is essential to the health and economic wellbeing of millions of vulnerable families.

But for these hardworking animals, life is hard. Many work long hours, pulling backbreaking loads under a blazing sun, often with painful harnessing, untreated wounds and inadequate water and nutrition. 

Their lives can be short and painful, and many will never have access to even basic veterinary care.

That’s where SPANA comes in.

Founded in 1923, SPANA is the leading charity for the world’s working animals. We’re passionate about protecting and caring for working animals, with a network of hospitals and mobile clinics that provide a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of sick and injured animals each year.

Graphic of quote by Mr Archie Pierce about SPANAWe work in partnership too: our outreach programme builds links with local organisations in the developing world, providing effective, sustainable, community-based projects that save lives and ease suffering.

And when disaster strikes, SPANA is there. Our emergency programme has helped animals and the communities they support, getting life-saving help to regions blighted by conflict, drought and natural disaster.

SPANA is also building a better future for working animals, educating children, training owners and developing the skills of veterinary professionals.

We’re working towards a day when all working animals are treated with care and compassion. Because we believe that a life of work needn’t be a life of suffering.

Find out more about our provision of free veterinary care

Read about our education programmes

Learn more about community training

Overloaded donkey and foal


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