Shasho's Frightful Fungus

Eleanor Hunt 19 September 2016
Shasho the cart horse
Find out how we helped Shahso, a cart horse with a painful fungal infection. Read More

Exchanging Zrika’s painful equipment

Hannah Kaplan 19 August 2016
A SPANA vet shows Zrikas owner a comfortable bit
Poorly fitting equipment can cause discomfort and infection for working animals the world over. Read how SPANA vets treated Zrika the donkey when he was brought to our Moroccan centre with painful harness and bit injuries. Read More

Curing Abir’s Colic

Hannah Kaplan 13 July 2016
Abir suffering from colic in SPANA Centre,Tunisia.
Abir the horse was brought to our Tunisia centre with a bad case of colic – thankfully SPANA vets were on hand to treat his pain. Read More

Supporting working donkey champions

Hannah Kaplan 05 July 2016
FACE Donkey Champions help owners to take better care of their animals in South Africa.
Read how SPANA's funding is helping donkeys and the communities that rely on them in South Africa. Read More

Treating a young camel in Tunisia

Marysia McSperrin 28 June 2016
Find out how our team in Tunisia helped eight-month-old camel Karim. Read More

Finding a friend for Masun

Hannah Kaplan 17 June 2016
Masun the donkey foal was found outside our Jordan centre lost and alone. SPANA staff took her in where she quickly met a new friend.. Read More

Helping young Jamil stand again

Hannah Kaplan 31 May 2016
Find out how SPANA’s new ultrasound machine at our centre in Chemaia saved the day for a young foal struggling to stand. Read More

Soothing Moh’s painful nose

Hannah Kaplan 24 May 2016
Moh the camel was brought to one of our mobile clinics with a painful nose injury, the result of an uncomfortable head collar. Read here how SPANA vets provided care and the right equipment to make Moh happier and healthier…. Read More

Relieving Saber's discomfort

Hannah Kaplan 23 May 2016
Find out how SPANA's team in Tunisia helped horse Saber who was struggling to eat. Read More

Life-saving surgery for Gemima

Hannah Kaplan 17 May 2016
SPANA vets in Morocco helped Gemima, a heavily pregnant donkey. Read about the emergency procedure that saved her life.... Read More