Ageing animals

In many of the world’s poorest countries, people rely completely on working animals to help provide a livelihood for themselves and their families. Like their owners, these hardworking animals never retire and very often work until their final days.

Working animals of all ages are affected by issues that require veterinary attention, from painful harness wounds to digestive disorders. But older animals often endure a range of other unique problems brought about by age. Dental problems, deterioration of eyesight and arthritis are just some of the conditions than can make their daily working life a lot more difficult.

SPANA helps to ease this suffering by providing free veterinary treatment for animals in need. By donating today, you can help to support this work and improve the lives of elderly working animal around the world.

Read about Marwa and Najia, just two of the elderly aniamls SPANA has helped recently. 

Sadly, in developing countries most people and their animals will never get to enjoy a retirement. But with your support, a life of work doesn’t need to mean a life of misery.

Deborah Meaden

Animal lover Deborah Meaden says:

“It’s important to remember that in many of the world’s poorest countries working animals are leading hard lives in difficult conditions and—like their owners—rarely get to enjoy the luxury of retirement. We’re asking everyone to support SPANA’s appeal to ensure older working animals get the veterinary treatment they need, preventing suffering after a lifetime of hard work.”

Donate today to help ageing working animals. 


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