Changing a dressing on a wound takes no time at all: changing attitudes and beliefs can take generations.

From SPANA’s very earliest days we have worked to create a world where working animals are treated with kindness, respect and understanding. 

Building a better future

Child holding light brown donkey in MaliOur education programmes not only equip children with knowledge about animals but, more importantly, promote positive attitudes, build empathy and develop responsible behaviour.

At our centres, schoolchildren enjoy fun and engaging lessons, explore our interactive exhibitions, and have a chance to get hands on with friendly donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs.

SPANA’s educational buses also enable children in remote communities to learn about animal welfare. 

Teaching children in farming communities the importance of being kind to animals is especially important, as they are often responsible for feeding and tending their family’s livestock and working animals.

Recent evaluation of our programmes show it’s an approach that works, helping children to develop more humane attitudes to animals.

We’re committed to building a more compassionate future for working animals, one child at a time.

Find out where we work

Success over the last 12 months:


Child grooming donkey during animal welfare education in Ethiopia2014 marked the official opening of a new animal handling facility at SPANA’s centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Specialist education staff are receiving training and our socialised animals – one pony, two donkeys, four rabbits and four guinea pigs – have already taken up residence in their well appointed new home.

During 2015 over 2,000 SPANA Animal Club members from 38 schools are due to visit.

Additionally, nine new SPANA animal clubs were started in autumn 2014, with club leaders and head teachers receiving training at our new animal handling centre. Altogether SPANA now has 41 clubs across Ethiopia, reaching 2,050 children (13,904 contact hours) over the course of the year.

Find out more about our work in Ethiopia


SPANA Jordan has begun a pilot scheme in 15 United Nations schools to test a new curriculum of lessons, which will eventually be made available to all participating animal clubs across the country.

Find out more about our work in Jordan

Children in Mali receiving animal welfare education


To help build compassion and empathy for animals, as of 2014 all school visits to SPANA’s educational facilities in Morocco will now involve an animal handling component.

Find out more about our work in Morocco


Work began on a new mobile exhibition unit to bring engaging, interactive displays and information to schoolchildren across the country

Find out more about our work in Tunisia


All vets, technicians and teachers involved in SPANA’s education programme took part in an international evaluation project. The results will shape the future of the programme, including improved transport, greater use of technology and creating even more age-appropriate lesson plans.


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