Ethiopian drought emergency

Animals are dying in Ethiopia and they urgently need our help

Ethiopia is suffering its worst drought in over 50 years and animals there are rapidly dying from starvation.

In northern and eastern Ethiopia, four consecutive seasons of poor and failed rains have left a desperate state of emergency. These are pastoralist communities who rely completely on their animals for their livelihood, and in many cases, their lives. Families here have already lost up to 75 per cent of their livestock - animals which are central to their entire way of life and crucial for their survival.

Several hundreds of thousands of livestock have already died in the Afar region, and many more are at risk of severe malnutrition, hunger and associated disease. Their future looks bleak – but it isn’t too late to save them.

For the pastoralist communities of Ethiopia, the death of animals is often an early warning of human hunger – their animals are essential for their livelihoods and, often, their survival. UN has warned that more than 15 million people in Ethiopia will be in need of food aid by the middle of 2016 and, in the Awash Fentale region where SPANA’s emergency programme is based, a total of 4,670 animal deaths have already been reported.

SPANA has begun working with the Ethiopian government to feed the surviving animals of the Afar people of Awash Fentale, but we cannot continue without your support.

We’re working on keeping the animals alive until the rains bring fresh pasture. With your help we can prevent the suffering of animals in desperate need, also helping the Afar people to resume their lives once the drought is over, minimising their dependence on further aid.

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FIND OUT MORE from our Chief Executive, Jeremy Hulme, who recently visited to see our feeding programme in action.

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