Education professionals

SPANA believes that hardworking animals deserve to be treated with compassion and empathy. We believe that a life of work needn’t be a life of suffering. 

Our education team runs education projects in each of our permanent countries, supporting the development of positive, compassionate attitudes towards animals from a young age.

We also work through existing animal club networks, supporting teachers in delivering humane education within communities far beyond the reach of our veterinary programme.

Find out more about SPANA’s education programme, download resources and learn more about how you could get involved.

Christopher Barnes
10 December 2015

Child Learning Tools

Find out about the five welfare needs of animals and other information to help with teaching children about animal welfare. Read More

Eleanor Hunt
20 January 2016

About Our Education programmes

Read about our education programmes for veterinary centres, schools and on the road via our education buses. Discover more about animal education from SPANA Read More