Helping a donkey out of a hole

06 May 2016

Our team in Botswana recently had to help a donkey who had gotten itself in quite a tight spot.

The donkey had fallen into a Botswana Telecomms hole. The inspection covers hadn't been replaced and unfortunately for the animal, it was perfect donkey size! She couldn't be seen from the road and had apparently been in there for four days before SPANA came to the rescue.

Donkey in Botswana fallen into hole

It was a combined rescue effort between SPANA Botswana, the Maun Animal Welfare Society and Tony Pony Transport who kindly came in quick time to hoist her out.

Donkey in Botswana being hoisted out of hole

Luckily, she only had minor injuries and was very grateful for a nice bucket of water and some food.


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