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Lisbon Marathon for Donkeys...

Well it's time for my third Marathon - having 'done' one for the children (Tommy's) I wanted to dedicate my next one to the animals - keeping with the theme of the truly innocent in this rather messy world. Aiming to raise £10 per kilometre, so I humbly suggest a donation of that amount - this will get my target with only 42 sponsors.

The Marathon of choice this time is Lisbon 2015 which I will run on Oct 18th.

Thanks so much
Why am I doing this?

Donate to help the rubbish dump donkeys of Bamako
Without SPANA, the rubbish dump donkeys of Bamako have no hope. Please help today. Find out more
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Total raised so far £225.00
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£10.00 Miss Sophie Bennett27 October 2015 Well done! I told someone about this charity to which they replied I only give my charity money to humans! I did put them right, of course... These animals are much much more than mere companions or pets!
£25.00 Mrs Jette Randall15 October 2015 Good luck with the run. Lots of love Mor
£50.00 Mr James Bigot09 October 2015 From California we will be cheering you on for such a worthy cause. Jim and Louellen
£50.00 Miss Lucy Ryan20 August 2015 Suerte! Besos y abrazos
£10.00 Mrs Bernadine Scaife14 August 2015 A shame that people do not realise how worthwhile a cause this is.
£10.00 Miss Charlotte Merivale12 August 2015 Good luck for the Marathon. Hope you reach your Goal :-)
Thomas Randall14 July 2015 To all of you - thank you. I can assure you I am training and some progress is being made... Thanks for your support - it is so nice when people sponsor you... -)
£10.00 Mrs Helen Allison13 July 2015 Hello Thomas, Good luck, hope it goes well! We think of you often, thanks again for the wonderful time in Venice, Helen & Marc Allison
£10.00 Mr joel goldentyer02 June 2015 Mr joel goldentyer has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£25.00 Mrs Bernadine Scaife02 June 2015 A great cause.Well done you!
£25.00 Mr Adrian Randall01 June 2015 Mr Adrian Randall has donated £25.00 to your appeal