23 February 2015

Owners with donkeys in ZimbabweAs the economic situation in Zimbabwe deteriorated, poorer rural communities became increasingly reliant on donkeys for trade and transport. Few vets are now working in the country: if an animal becomes injured or falls sick their owner may be may struggle to find trained veterinary workers to treat them.

SPANA launched Zimbabwe as a new core country in 2013, and beforehand worked with two partner organisations to deliver programmes to improve the welfare of Zimbabwe’s working donkeys. To date, we have treated more than 28,000 cases in the country.

Some of the common problems seen in Zimbabwe include harness wounds and eye problems. Our mobile clinic provides routine de-worming, dipping (to protect against tsetse fly borne diseases, ticks and mange), rabies vaccination, teeth rasping, and feet trimming.

We also work with the AWARE Trust to educate donkey owners and gives talks at the local schools.

Click here to read our Zimbabwe country profile.


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