South Africa

21 April 2015

Donkey in South AfricaWorking with: 
PEACE Foundation Trust

In the townships and rural communities of South Africa, cars and other vehicles are an unaffordable luxury for many. Instead, poorer families rely on donkeys to transport food and water, and carry goods to market. Some owners work in co-operatives, sharing the economic benefits - and the risks - with others in the community. ‘Donkeys 4 Development’ is a prime example of one such co-operative, promoting the value of donkeys to collect rubbish from the municipality for recycling. This in turn creates jobs, gives a huge environmental benefit and elevates the status of these important animals in society.

As part of this initiative, SPANA is working to educate donkey owners in health and husbandry, provide specially designed lightweight donkey carts and comfortable, padded harnessing as well as troughs to provide access to refreshing water. Donkeys will also receive daily health checks and access to nutritious grazing.

‘Donkeys 4 Development’ provides a model of best practice in animal care which we hope will inspire other owners to improve standards of care for these sometimes overlooked but hardworking animals.

Working with: Highveld Horse Care Unit

Highveld horse Care UnitIn rural townships across South Africa, it’s difficult for owners to access the veterinary care that they so desperately need. That’s why SPANA is funding the work of the Highveld Horse Care Unit (HCU) which runs clinics across several provinces.

SPANA’s support will allow HCU to run a further four-day clinic each month providing castrations, dentistry work and providing medicine where worried owners can bring their horses for quality care.


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