10 August 2016

Working with: A.Mar.Te

Participants in the A.Mar.Te workshops for veterinary professionals, Nicaragua In 2016, SPANA began working with partners A.Mar.Te to train more than 170 veterinary professionals in four universities across Nicaragua. These training sessions will help equip local vets with the hands-on experience and confidence needed to treat working animals across six regions of the country. SPANA is also supporting the creation of an animal welfare network to support ongoing training and improvements to working animal welfare. 

The funding for this project supports local veterinary professionals, training materials, and facilities for participants who will be able to apply their new skills to the communities where they work.  

Working with: Universidad de Ciencas Comerciales, Nicaragua

A participant in the University of Commercial Sciences harness and cart scheme, NicaraguaSPANA is lending its support to the University of Commercial Sciences to make the lives of Nicaragua’s working animals more comfortable. SPANA’s funding will allow for the development of eight model work cart and harness combinations to be tested in two major cities. Locally based Equine Welfare  Advisors will maintain the equipment and promote an easy to read manual for animal owners, teaching the proper way to harness their animals, load their carts, and prevent injuries.

Following the launch of this initiative, the programme will look to roll out a new low-cost cart replacement scheme. More than 500 cart users will be trained in the area to provide people with a sustainable form of income and create demand for these more humane carts.


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