21 April 2015

Horses next to fence in MongoliaWorking with: Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal (CAMDA)

In the remote Mongolian regions of Khvod and Dundgobi, the people that live there rely almost entirely on their animals for their livelihoods, most commonly selling wool and cashmere. Owing to the sometimes extreme weather conditions in the Gobi desert, working animals are at risk of losing their lives due to thirst.

In order to help combat this ongoing problem, SPANA and CAMDA will refurbish 13 wells that have fallen into disrepair. The wells will be robustly built, ensuring that they have a long, productive and sustainable future. The building work will be carried out by Mongolian locals, providing employment and the projects managed and overseen by a local vet.

Once the wells have been constructed, they will each support three to four herder households, benefitting up to 2,000 animals. The wells will shorten distances between watering points, which will in turn reduce herd trekking, animal stress, soil erosion and the chance of animals being exposed to soil-borne parasites. A local herder will be assigned to look after each well and the local community will work together to maintain it.


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