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Keep up to date with our work from the field. Including contributions from SPANA staff in the UK and abroad, as well as SPANA volunteers and donors.

What Is a legacy gift?

27 September 2016
Learn about legacy gifts and how it can make a lasting difference for a charity. Discover more about SPANA and how a legacy gift can continue to further our work. Read More

What is fistulous withers?

26 September 2016
A SPANA vet examines a horse in Botswana
Find out about working animals health problems, such as sidebone in horses or fistulous withers, and how SPANA vets are working to prevent this chronic problem in working animals. Learn more about working animal harness welfare with SPANA. Read More

World Animal Day assembly ideas

23 September 2016
Children outside of SPANAs mobile education centre
Read ideas for holding a school assembly on World Animal Day, with a range of assembly ideas to inspire your pupils. Discover animal day activities at SPANA. Read More

A guide to horse harness parts

22 September 2016
Donkeys are brought to a SPANA Zimbabwe mobile clinic
Find out more about horse harness parts and how SPANA vets educate owners on how to harness a horse, camel or donkey safely. Learn more about working animal harness welfare with SPANA. Read More

A guide to bridles

22 September 2016
A horse in Morocco is fitted with a new harness and bit.
Find out more about horse bridles and how simple bridle and bit swaps, plus better education on how to fit a bridle, can change the lives of working animals all over the world. Learn more about working animal harness welfare with SPANA. Read More

What is World Animal Day?

08 September 2016
Two boys use their family donkeys to collect water in Zimbabwe.
On October 4th, animal lovers around the world will unite to speak up for those who have no voice, calling for improved standards for animal welfare. Read More

Fundraising Ideas for the International Day of Charity

05 September 2016
Fundraise and raise awareness for SPANA on the International Day of Charity! Read More

What is a mule? 13 things you didn’t know

18 July 2016
A cart mule and his owner at a mobile clinic.
Learn about the difference between a donkey and a mule, and whether mules can reproduce. Find out about our work with mules and how you can help SPANA. Read More

Comfortable harnesses can make all the difference

04 July 2016
A donkey with proper padding and comfortable harness waits for his owner.
Read on to learn about the work of SPANA vets in providing care, education, and more comfortable equipment to working animals around the world. Read More

Sponsor just one horse? Or you could sponsor a whole stable…

15 June 2016
Become a Stable Sponsor and support our work
Learn about sponsoring a working horse, providing medicine, food and shelter to horses in need. Read more about horse sponsorship opportunities at SPANA.. Read More