Leaving A Legacy Behind

15 October 2015

SPANA chief executive Jeremy Hulme explains how a recent trip to Morocco with our supporters sparked a discussion about legacy giving.

SPANA chief executive Jeremy Hulme with brown working horseI’ve recently returned from a wonderful trip to Morocco to show a group of our supporters the crucial work that our centres do every day to help working animals and their owners. After being inspired by seeing the valuable work that SPANA does first-hand, some of the supporters on the trip had questions about how they could contribute to helping the charity by leaving a legacy gift to us in their Will.

In particular, I was asked - and it’s a very reasonable question - how much they should leave, especially as most are unsure if there will be anything left after taking care of family and friends, or perhaps even paying care home bills. One solution to this is to leave a residuary legacy, which is when you leave a share of whatever is left once all your wishes and commitments, for example, to friends and family, have been carried out.

Preparing or changing your Will can seem like a daunting prospect, so to make things a bit easier, we’ve created a guide to leaving gifts in Wills and a Q and A brochure. You can also find answers to a number of frequently asked questions and further information on our website.

Our supporters are the only reason that we can continue to help treat sick and injured working animals across the world. It’s only with your support that we are able to run our permanent centres, mobile clinics, education and emergency response programmes, and expand our work into new countries and regions.

Please don’t think that only the rich can leave a legacy that matters. SPANA works in some of the poorest countries in the world, and what might seem like a little in this country goes a very long way overseas to help hard-working animals and the people that rely on them. We are always grateful for every gift and recognise the kindness behind each one.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call a member of our friendly legacy team for a confidential chat. Caroline or Penny are happy to help and can be reached on 020 7831 3999 or by email at legaciesnotification@spana.org


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