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20 July 2015

In her fifth and final entry in a series of blogs, read about vet Jo Hardy's experience of volunteering with SPANA in Morocco. Jo recently appeared on the BBC Two programme, Young Vets.

Volunteer vet Jo HardyI finished my volunteering experience at the Marrakech centre with Boubka the vet. On the first day together we treated a donkey which had a horrific huge wound to his leg. I got to know this donkey well over my last few days and started to call him Tiny, because he really was the smallest adult donkey I had come across. He was small and kind in his nature too, always wanting to please and never putting up a fuss when cleaning his wound.

The next case that I was heavily involved with was a mule foal, who was still growing into his ears! The foal had an umbilical hernia which needed to be surgically corrected and I was really pleased with the final result.

We had several emergencies cases come in as well, including three cases of colic.

I was sad to leave the clinic, and Morocco, after my two weeks working for SPANA. Looking back on it, not only did I have the chance to contribute to improving the lives of people through improving the lives of their animals, SPANA had given me the opportunity to learn a great deal, particularly about emergency care of very sick horses, donkeys and mules. I can’t bear to think what Morocco would be like without them there.

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