12 cutest animals of 2015

22 December 2015

We've helped a lot of adorable animals over the last year, let's take a look at some of the sweetest ones...

1. A donkey from Chemaia, Morocco, who was given stockings to keep the flies away from the mange on his legs. Read about the rest of the visitors to the Chemaia centre in volunteer vet Harriet’s blog. 

Donkey in stockings

2. Tootswa, a foal from Botswana, where we opened our new SPANA Centre earlier this year. Read how we helped Tootswa’s mother after she was bitten by a crocodile.

Foal from Botswana

3. This young donkey from our centre in Marrakech.

4. These two sweet donkeys from Morocco. Read more about our work in the country.

Donkeys from Morocco

5. Snowy and her foal Snowball, who were rescued from our team in Jordan from a snowstorm. Read their heartwarming story.

Mother and foal in Jordan

6. This gorgeous ginger foal from Morocco

Foal lying down from Morocco

7. These two best friends from Morocco

Smiling donkeys

8. This lovely foal who was taken to our centre in Chemaia, Morocco after his mother was attacked by stray dogs. Read how we helped to treat her. 

9. This happy donkey from Morocco

Happy donkey

10. Tirign the horse from Ethiopia who was suffering from stomach problems. Read how we helped him. 

Woman and horse in Ethiopia

11. This mother and foal from Morocco

Mother and foal in Morocco

12. This smiley donkey from our supporter trip to Morocco. Watch a video about the trip.

Smiling donkey

This is just a small selection of the hundreds of thousands of working animals we treat each year. Our teams are looking forward to helping many more animals in 2016, but we couldn't do anything without the generosity and kindness of our supporters - thank you all so much!

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