Life saving equipment is desperately needed

In the sweltering heat, the endless struggle with back-breaking loads is treacherous for millions of working animals in developing countries.

Saida, a beautiful mule, was knocked down by a speeding truck on the streets of Marrakech. In agonising pain, Saida was brought to the SPANA centre where she was sedated and x-rayed to assess her injuries.

An xray of Saida the mule

Thanks to the portable x-ray machine, Dr Youness Elouasbi was able to see that Saida's jaw was fractured. He used the images to carefully re-set the bone and secure it with wire implants. Saida’s severely lacerated mouth was also stitched and she was given medication to relieve her pain and to prevent infection.

Without the detailed X-ray images, Saida’s fracture would have remained invisible. Tragically, Saida’s inevitable deterioration would have forced Youness to put her to sleep. 

Thousands of animals are not as lucky as Saida. Without access to vital X-ray and ultrasound equipment, many of them with life-threatening or curable conditions cannot be accurately diagnosed or treated. Often animals are forced to work with unseen internal injuries or unwittingly left in unimaginable pain by owners who are unaware of their suffering.

Your support could provide more portable X-rays and ultrasound machines – enabling SPANA vets to care for thousands more sick and severely injured animals like Saida.

Over 10,000 working animals desperately need us to provide this lifesaving technology this year. With your help, and that of fellow supporters like you, we could equip more of our centres with X-ray and ultrasound machines and help alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals, wherever they need us.

£30,000 could pay for an x-ray machine

£7,000 could pay for an ultrasound machine

£1,000 could train 10 local vets

Please, donate today.

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