Saving lives through better nutrition

A combination of malnutrition and dehydration means that many working animals suffer excruciating, life-threatening conditions such as colic. 

SPANA’s vets see the terrible effects of malnutrition on working animals every day. That’s why we work tirelessly to improve people’s knowledge on diet and animal care, wherever and whenever we can. 

With your help, we’ve been able to run feed and nutrition workshops in Ethiopia, plus we’ve got two mobile clinics in addition to our permanent centre in Debre Zeit. This means we’re reaching out to more owners than ever before, across the wider community.

How you can help

Your donation today could help transform the lives of working animals in Debre Zeit and beyond.

£25   could help ease the painful symptoms of colic in a working animal.

£50   could provide a month’s supply of nutritious food to recovering working animals.

£116 could help run a feed and nutrition workshop, to show 10 owners how to keep their animals healthy.

Thank you for your support

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£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Susan Violino 25 February 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Jenny kitchen 29 January 2016
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Anne Brindle 24 January 2016 To help the poor animals. God,bless.
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Tine Askvik Lossius 22 January 2016
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Suzanne de Mattos 22 January 2016
£44.00 Thanks to Ms Vanessa Gwynn 21 January 2016
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