Tackling arthritis

With so many elderly horses in Mauritania working in their final years, treating arthritis has become one of the biggest challenges faced by SPANA’s vets.

Every month, hundreds of frail, older horses are shipped across the river from Senegal to Mauritania. Sadly, they don’t come here to retire – they come to work harder than ever before. The harsh truth is that, because people in Mauritania are much poorer than in Senegal, they can only afford the horses that their neighbours don’t want any more.

As you might remember, this tragic situation was the subject of our Elderly Animals Appeal we ran in July last year. Our aim was simple: to raise funds for our new, permanent veterinary clinic in Rosso, on the border between the two countries – and bring desperately needed care to older animals.

Now, thanks to your wonderful support, the new clinic is treating hundreds more elderly working animals with road injuries, ill-fitting bits and – most common of all – arthritis. But it doesn’t end there.

How you can help

Your donation today could help us care for even more frail, elderly animals in Mauritania:

£25   could buy anti-inflammatory medicines for 60 horses suffering from arthritis.

£100 could help buy a new surgical kit including syringes and sterilisation equipment.

£200 could contribute towards the yearly salary of a vet technician for the Rosso clinic and treat even more frail, elderly horses.

Thank you for your support.

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