Stop animals being treated like machines

£15 could save an exhausted animal's life

Stumbling across broken glass and twisted metal, weighed down by tonnes of rubbish, Kadi couldn't take any more. Her legs gave way and she collapsed in the stinking mud.

Right now, working donkeys like Kadi are dying from exhaustion and dehydration in the rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali's capital city. Many also cut themselves on infected rubbish and risk dying from tetanus.

Please help SPANA save animals' lives

£15 will let animals work free from pain

Poor families around the world rely on their animals to work. But that doesn't mean they have to be overloaded, overworked and underfed. As well as treating animals' injuries and illnesses, we work with owners to help them take better care of their animals, so that they're freed from a life of pain.

£30 can vaccinate 10 donkeys against the life-threatening disease, tetanus

£15 can provide 25 doughnut bandages to allow wounds to heal while animals work

£10 can help prevent painful sores on a working animal by padding out poorly fitted harnesses

£8 can provide feed and water to an exhausted working animal for 5 days

Please give whatever you can spare today, and help us give donkeys like Kadi a better life.

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£15.00 Thanks to Miss Jacqueline Osman 02 August 2016
£100.00 Thanks to Mrs Clare Hunter 01 August 2016 Given in loving memory of our beautiful boy, Mr Snax, who passed to Rainbow Bridge on the 1st July 2016, and given from his surviving brother Dippydoodah and his feline companion Mungo. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals. (no marketing and no selling on my details please)
£15.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 July 2016
£30.00 Thanks to Miss Anne Collins 03 July 2016
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