Help end the torment of parasites for working animals

Two-thirds of the animals seen by SPANA vets last year were suffering unnecessarily due to parasites.

Worms and blood parasites can starve animals of the nutrients they need, leading to malnutrition and even death from starvation. If left untreated, lice, mites and ticks result in relentless itching and can lead to painful infections - which can also be life-threatening.

We cannot eliminate parasites completely, but we can ease the torment they cause working animals by:

• Keeping our mobile clinics on the road
• Supporting student vets in our clinical skills centres
• Delivering new parasite training for animal owners

We can only do this with your help. Your generosity could provide immediate relief for animals afflicted by parasites and make lasting changes by training student vets and owners.

Your kind gift will help animals like eight-year-old horse Harry, who was treated at SPANA’s Chemaia centre in Morocco last year. Harry had a nasty sore on his face caused by the internal stomach parasite Habronema, which also has the potential to cause serious stomach problems.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we were able to treat Harry and he made a full recovery.

We urgently need to do more and your gift could reduce the distress for more animals like Harry:

£1,250 could pay for working animals to receive immediate diagnosis, treatment and care from SPANA’s mobile clinics for the pain and distress caused by parasites.

£1,500 could equip a SPANA clinical skills centre for student vets to gain hands-on experience of treating working animals and learn to control the spread of parasites.

£1,750 could fund SPANA’s new training programme to teach animal owners to identify parasites and learn new skills to keep their animals healthy.

Please donate now and help end the torment of parasites for working animals worldwide.

Thank you

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