EZL (Epizootic Lymphangitis): A Living Hell

Cart horses in Ethiopia, afflicted by a terrible disease, are being abandoned and left for dead.

Brown horse suffering from EZL

EZL is a contagious, painful and potentially fatal disease that is blighting up to 39% of Ethiopia’s cart horse population. Right now, SPANA vets are working hard to save as many lives as they can. But we urgently need your support. 

Please, if you can, donate £15 today to help ease the suffering of these poor working horses.

Abandoned to face a slow, agonising death.

The sad reality is that for most cart horse owners in Ethiopia, treatment for EZL simply isn’t available and they risk the disease infecting every animal they may have. EZL is a highly debilitating condition, which can mean affected horses are unable to work. As a result, hundreds of horses are abandoned to face a long, lonely death.

Bullo was left for dead

It’s hard to imagine the torment Bullo was suffering, infected with a potentially deadly disease called Epizootic Lymphangitis (EZL). He’d been
abandoned and tethered to a tree with barbed wire around his neck. Painful, puss-filled nodules were spreading across his limbs – some of which had developed into ulcerated lesions.

Close up of brown horse with open wounds caused by EZL

No-one would stop to help Bullo. But we did.

SPANA vets found Bullo and gave him immediate, lifesaving treatment. But, right now, many thousands of horses are suffering and in urgent need of help.

SPANA runs a major EZL treatment programme in Ethiopia, so with your help our vets really can make a vital difference to more horses like Bullo. 

Your gift of £15 can pay for lifesaving EZL treatment for more horses like Bullo - please give whatever you can today to help. Thank you.

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£20.00 Thanks to Mrs Adele Dale 27 June 2016 The terrible plight of these noble horses just breaks my heart and has moved me to financially support the work of SPANA on a regular basis as well as this gift.
£15.00 Thanks to Mrs Margaret Bolton 04 June 2016
£30.00 Thanks to Mrs Helen Quirk 17 March 2016
£15.00 Thanks to Miss Sasha Patrick 16 March 2016 Bless these beautiful animals xxx
£100.00 Thanks to Mrs Jane House 15 March 2016
£15.00 Thanks to Mr Lowell Bearman 13 March 2016
£30.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 March 2016 Such awful suffering keep up the good work.
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 March 2016 Great work
£15.00 Thanks to Mr Adrian Bacon 13 December 2015
£35.00 Thanks to Mrs Janet Burns 06 December 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Beverley Brian 01 December 2015
£40.00 Thanks to Mr Mac Stewart 28 November 2015
£30.00 Thanks to Mrs Ann Johnson 25 November 2015
£15.00 Thanks to Ms Claire Norris 22 November 2015 There is so much suffering in the world-for humans and animals. Its easy to feel overwhelmed but we can all do a little to help.
£15.00 Thanks to Mr Ryan Donnelly 21 November 2015
£35.00 Thanks to Mrs SHEILA LAWSON 15 November 2015 I'm horrified at the dreadful way these animals have been treated, and hope this donation will help in some small way to improve their health.
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 November 2015
£35.00 Thanks to Mrs Theresa Mitchell 04 November 2015
£100.00 Thanks to Anonymous 04 November 2015 Thank you for alerting me to tis problem. Good luck with your work.
£35.00 Thanks to Ms Simone Gentner 03 November 2015
£15.00 Thanks to Anonymous 31 October 2015
£30.00 Thanks to Mrs Alison Musker 28 October 2015
£15.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 October 2015 The horses need our help, their owners need education and training about this horrible condition.
£15.00 Thanks to Mr DEREK DARLISON 24 October 2015 Those responsible for this suffering are less than human themselves and should be brought to book. However, you are looking at a cultural abyss between western values and those of the undeveloped countries.
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 24 October 2015
£15.00 Thanks to Mrs Elena Poensgen 19 October 2015
£15.00 Thanks to Ms Nickola Woodcock 17 October 2015 Please keep up the good work :-)
£15.00 Thanks to Mr Dave Jones 15 October 2015
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 15 October 2015
£7.00 Thanks to Ms Kirstin Grober 04 October 2015
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