Help us feed starving working animals in Ethiopia

If working animals starve, people will be next

Ethiopia is suffering its worst drought in over 30 years.
 Working animals are rapidly dying from starvation: thousands have already starved to death, and more are dying every day.

When working animals starve, so do the communities who rely on them.

Donate £25 to save lives now.

Four consecutive seasons of poor and failed rains have left parts of Ethiopia in a desperate state of emergency. The UN has warned that more than 15 million people in Ethiopia will be in need of food aid by the middle of 2016 and in the Awash Fentale region alone, a total of 4,670 animal deaths have already been reported. The pastoralist communities rely completely on their animals for their livelihood: if their animals don’t survive, neither will they.

Your gift can keep a family's animals alive for 5 days.

Please - act now. Thank you.

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£25.00 Thanks to Mr Ian Glencross 26 May 2016
£50.00 Thanks to Miss Susan Sweeting 04 March 2016 I hope that as many people as can will contribute to alleviate this terrible situation for the people of Ethiopia and their animals
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Carol Jones 17 February 2016 Pleased to help Ethiopia but Government needs to help its people too. So many poor people indeed.
£15.00 Thanks to Anonymous 14 February 2016 It is so important to keep the livestock alive as well as the humans. These cattle are specifically adapted to the Ethiopian climate and some must survive to provide hope for the communities of Ethiopia to rebuild their livelihoods successfully in the future . Keep up the good work
£30.00 Thanks to Mr Michael Potts 11 February 2016 Keep up the good work!
£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Margaret Laing 08 February 2016
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Ian Tarrant 06 February 2016
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