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We’re on the verge of an important breakthrough in Botswana…but we urgently need your help.

Our work in Botswana is only just beginning

In Maun, Botswana, there are so many donkeys that it is actually known locally as ‘Donkey Town’. Donkeys in Botswana have a reputation as hardy animals that can look after themselves and need very little care.

Light brown and dark brown working donkeys side by sideAs we know, this is not the case. Sadly, because of over-population and the fact that they don’t provide milk or meat, they are seen as far less value, and therefore importance, than other animals such as cattle.

As a result of their low status – and endemic poverty – there is a widespread lack of concern for donkey welfare.

Every day, our fledgling SPANA veterinary team in Botswana treat donkeys facing grim, life-or-death situations. The foundations are now in place to make a great change in Botswana, but we can only go so far on our own. That’s why we are calling on kind supporters like you, to help us advance this breakthrough even further for donkeys in need:

Become a Botswana Founding Partner today

Pledge £1000 to become a Botswana Founding partner and you can help:

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With your help there is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of working animals in Botswana. To learn more, Botswana_report.pdf

In recognition of your generosity, you will receive a commemorative gift: your name will be included on a manuscript displayed at SPANA headquarters and you will receive an invite to a special function to update you on progress made.

There’s no doubt it’s going to take time, but as we have proved in countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia and more recently in Zimbabwe – with determination, commitment and your support – together we can inspire dramatic changes in animal welfare.

Give today and your donation could be doubled!

One generous supporter has already pledged to match every donation we receive from this appeal up to a total of £11,654. So if you respond today, whatever gift you make could be matched and mean twice as much to the donkeys in Botswana.

This is an exciting new journey and your support is crucial to its success. Whatever contribution you feel is appropriate will sow the seeds of change in Botswana – and make a life-changing difference to many thousands of donkeys; simply scroll to the top of the page, and enter your donation amount.

Thank you for your generous support.

Jeremy Hulme,
Chief Executive


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£1500.00 Thanks to Mrs Julie Ellison 01 December 2015
£2345.00 Thanks to Mr Graeme MacGregor 01 December 2015 Thanks for your valuable work and for giving a voice to those who have no rights
£1000.00 Thanks to Mr Charles Appleby 30 November 2015 Its high time donkeys welfare in this prosperous country was treated seriously
£1000.00 Thanks to Mr Christopher JOHN 26 November 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Anthony Jones 24 November 2015
£1000.00 Thanks to Miss Hilary Charles 18 November 2015
£20.00 Thanks to Mrs Helen Quirk 17 November 2015 My thanks for your care and every best wish for this work in Botswana.
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