Ayana's harness is agonising

It's not work that's agonising for Ayana...

it's her harness.

Ayana works 12 hours a day, dragging heavy loads in unforgiving temperatures. The constant rubbing from her poorly-fitted collar cuts into her skin, causing rawness, blistering and a large open wound across her chest. 

Yet still she must work every day. Hauling the same loads while the harness carves even deeper into her chest. 

Just £19 could pay for padded collars that five brave animals like Ayana desperately need.

We can't prevent animals from working. But with your help we can ease the needless suffering caused by ill-fitted harnesses.

Please, donate now and help stop these preventable wounds for horses like Ayana

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£10.00 Thanks to Ms Helen Dunn 03 August 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Mrs irene currie 19 July 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Mrs Sue Atkins 18 July 2016
£19.00 Thanks to Mrs Fiona Crawford 27 June 2016 How tragic that an animal can be beautiful and not know it, and so she remains in ignorance of that beauty being spoiled.....
£19.00 Thanks to Mr ALAN CHAMBERS 26 June 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs S D Hedges 26 June 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 25 June 2016
£19.00 Thanks to Miss Sarah Villanueva 22 June 2016
£19.00 Thanks to Anonymous 19 June 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Mr Miles Davies 19 June 2016
£19.00 Thanks to Mrs Moyra Forrester 19 June 2016 This poor poor mare. So distressing that she suffers this on a daily basis giving her life toiling in such a brutal way
£19.00 Thanks to Ms Patricia Thorn 18 June 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Ms Susan Mahoney 18 June 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Miss Nicola Jackson 17 June 2016
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