Infested working animals urgently need your help

Every month across the world, around 800 working animals arrive at SPANA’s clinics with dangerously high levels of parasites.

Many suffer from unbearable itching caused by lice or mites living in or on their skin. Tormented, the animals gnaw at their flesh or thrash around on the ground to try to relieve their distress.

Others are severely ill because of internal parasites like intestinal worms and lungworm. These eat away at internal organs, draining vital nutrients from the animals’ bodies until they’re weak and critically malnourished.

With so many cases of parasitic infestation, SPANA’s vets are struggling to reach every working animal in need.

Please help in any way you can – and help relieve the terrible suffering caused by parasites.

£16  could help buy the insecticide spray for 10 infested horses with lice.

£50  could contribute towards vital lab equipment such as microscopes and glass slides.

£125 could run a half-day workshop to help train animal owners to reduce the incidence of parasites.

Please give what you can and donate today. 

Thank you

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£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 01 June 2016 Please use as you feel is most appropriate. With love & best wishes & keep up the excellent work.
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Josephine Kennefick 31 May 2016
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 18 May 2016
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 17 May 2016
£15.00 Thanks to Miss Julia Dark 12 May 2016
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Anita Fleming 12 May 2016 Arran Close
£5.00 Thanks to Miss Kelly Wildman 12 May 2016
£5.00 Thanks to Anonymous 11 May 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Anonymous 11 May 2016 Spana do amazing work
£10.00 Thanks to Ms jacks genever 10 May 2016 Keep up the good work x
£16.00 Thanks to Anonymous 10 May 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Ms Sherry Robinson 10 May 2016
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Angela Leadbetter 10 May 2016 Every little helps
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 May 2016
£5.00 Thanks to Ms PAM DAVIES 09 May 2016 god bless you
£5.00 Thanks to Ms Christine Bryan 09 May 2016
£10.00 Thanks to Ms Zenda Barlow 20 April 2016
£8.00 Thanks to Mr Richard Woodruff 20 April 2016 Well done I donate as usual
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs P K Tweddle 20 April 2016
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